E-Class Saloon

More beautiful than ever.


General information

The picture of elite engineering

We go to extraordinary lengths to produce the special driving experience offered by the E-Class.

The E-Class body pays visual homage to its predecessors. Yet it displays its very own design idiom: the front end sweeps back dynamically, the long flanks exude athleticism and the rear section is emphatically broad. The presence and appeal of the E-Class Sedan is instantly apparent to the observer, displaying a sense of self-assurance that is perfect in keeping with its long history of pre-eminence. It is a picture of pure power. The striking exterior of the E-Class Sedan includes the standard AMG Styling Package featuring dynamic front and rear aprons and powerful side sill panels. The design leaves no doubt that the 2012 E-Class embraces all the characteristics of a genuine Mercedes-Benz.

We’ve thought ahead so you can enjoy the drive. The interior is uncluttered and all the controls laid out intuitively. Simply get in and drive away. In one sense, you’ve already reached your destination: a place where you can sit back and relax. Just a peek through the open door provides a glimpse of the re-interpreted ambiance that boasts a sporty, stylish design along with distinctive appointments that make the E-Class Sedan interior feel more like a living room than a vehicle. The use of the finest-grade materials and their outstanding workmanship create a high-quality impression, both in terms of look and feel, and on a functional level. A wide range of ARTICO and premium leather options ensure that you will revel in customized splendor. Wood trim enhances the leather interior, while a heated Nappa leather steering wheel is the perfect final touch. An atmosphere of total comfort is standard in the E-Class Sedan – thanks in no small part to the THERMATIC automatic climate control system, which allows front seat occupants to select temperature levels to suit their own individual requirements. The advanced THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system allows separate temperature control in three different zones. Furthermore, humidity and pollutants are monitored and, if necessary, THERMOTRONIC automatically switches to recirculation mode.


Mercedes-Benz is the first and only automaker to offer built-in technology to help you drive safer and protect you in the event of danger and after an accident. The E-Class Sedan is no exception, it is the rule. Technology made up of active safety features like the “control and display” concept, minimize distractions from the road. Systems that provide support in critical situations and alert the driver to potential hazards – such as our Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) and integrated Brake Assist (BAS) system - are cornerstones of the safety design. The vehicle’s safety technology activates in the event of danger, including anytime evasive steering maneuvering is detected, and it takes precautionary measures to reduce the risk of injury to occupants. But thanks to standard Active Bi-Xenon headlamps, you will now be able to detect obstacles earlier than previously possible. Should an accident be unavoidable, the advanced technology is quick to react, offering protection for your own vehicle and for others, including a high-strength safety cell, adaptive front air bags, front side-impact air bags, pelvic air bags, a driver’s knee air bag, head protection curtains, the crash responsive NECK-PRO front head restraints, and more.