SL-Class Roadster

Athlete. Esthete.


General information

The legend continues

With its race-bred performance, breathtaking styling and pioneering technology, the original Mercedes-Benz SL redefined the sports car. Now the latest generation SL does so once again. A triumph of automotive engineering, it is constructed almost entirely of aluminium, making it remarkably lightweight without compromising structural integrity. Match this with a choice of powerful V6 and V8 engines and supremely agile, assured handling and you have a recipe for pure driving pleasure. Sports Leicht by name, sporty and lightweight by nature. But it gets better. Because the SL is not just a high performance sports car... it’s a high performance convertible sports car. And thanks to an array of intelligent technology - from the retractable vario-roof to the innovative audio system - it delivers the most exhilarating yet refined open top driving experiences you could possibly imagine.

The new SL-Class Roadster’s masculine presence is undeniable. Dynamic lines from the sporty front section to its expressive rear end look to be cast in one piece. Distinctive air inlets on the front wings allow the engine to breathe.
Whether the Vario-Roof is closed or open – innovation and tradition are in perfect harmony. Exclusive paint finishes and numerous new sporty wheel designs underscore the well-balanced proportions of this luxury sports car.

The elegant interior conveys perfection. The sweeping dashboard flows into the door waistline forming a cohesive unit. It is ergonomic and intelligently geared towards a driver’s needs. The frontal air vents convey a “turbine look" meant to depict the long tradition of Mercedes-Benz sports cars.
The three-spoke multifunction sports steering wheel with galvanized spokes is flattened in its lower section for true race car aesthetics. The instrument cluster reaffirms this feel with its colour display and dials classically designed with modern 3D dial surrounds and backlit scales. The luxurious character continues with a wealth of trim elements in fine wood, or alternatively in aluminum. The seat design speaks for itself. The standard upholstery in a fabric/black leather combination or the optional select leather varieties not only has a wonderful feel, they are also sunlight-reflecting. The ambient lighting with individually selectable colour tones (SOLAR orange, SOLAR red and SOLAR) provides an indirect light ambience for the vehicle interior when driving at night. Luminous surfaces on the instrument panel and beneath the door trim elements mirror and enhance the sweeping forms of the interior design creating an incomparable atmosphere.

Light yet strong

Despite the extensive use of lightweight aluminium, the latest SL actually offers greater structural rigidity than its predecessor’s steel construction. To achieve this, a range of different manufacturing processes have been used, such as vacuum die-casting and chill casting, tailoring each aluminium component to suit its specific purpose. As a result, the new SL chassis boasts torsional stiffness of 19,400 Nm/degree – a huge 3,000 Nm/degree improvement over its predecessor - making it one of the most rigid sports cars in the world. The benefits, both in terms of safety and driving enjoyment, are considerable. Not only does a stronger chassis offer increased occupant protection but also keeps vibration to a minimum.