Technical information

Chassis Specification

Chassis model OF 1730/59
Engine Front mounted MB OM 926 LA III/22, 6 Cylinders, vertical in-line, turbo charged and intercooler
Position Front
Displacement 7200 cc
Engine power 305 hp @ 2200 rpm
Torque 1,200 Nm @ 1,400-1,600 rpm
Transmission ZF S6-1550 (six speed manual shifted)
Front/Rear axles Semi-elliptical leaf spring, telescopic, double acting shock absorbers & stabilizer
Service brakes Dual circuit, full air system
Parking brake Spring loaded brake chambers with air release

Body specifications

Doors Passenger Door: manual hinged.
Driver Door: With sliding window
Passengers capacity 52 seats
Luggage space 7٫5m3 + internal Parcel racks
A/C optional
Options Air conditioning stream line SL800 konvekta
Cow catcher
DVD system & 2 Monitors
Retarder: Telma
Passengers Door: Two folded doors, electro-pneumatically actuated
Destination Panel: Manual above windscreen