Technical information

Chassis Specification

Chassis model MB OC500 RF 1836
Engine OM-457 LA. III, 6 cylinder in line
Position Rear
Displacement 11967 cc
Engine power 354 hp @ 2000 rpm
Torque 1750 Nm @ 1100 rpm
Transmission 6 speed manual transmission Mercedes-Benz model GO 210
Front axle Independent wheel suspension with 2 air bellows and 2 double acting shock absorbers
Rear axle Air Suspension with 4 air bellows , stabilizer and 4 double acting shock absorbers
Service brakes Dual circuit, full air system
Engine brake Exhaust brake & Engine Continuous throttle
Parking brake Spring loaded brake chambers with air release for rear wheels

Body specifications

Doors 2 Plug doors, electro pneumatic actuation
Passengers capacity a) 51 + 1 + 1 W/O Toilet
b) 49 + 1 + 1 with Toilet
Luggage space 10m3 (W/O Toilet)
A/C Air conditioning stream line SL800 konvekta
Options Without Toilet
Rear view camera