Technical information

Chassis Specification

Chassis model Mercedes-Benz Actros 2031
Engine Engine version, Euro II
Engine, V6, LA, 230 Kw (313hp)
Position Front
Displacement 11946 cc
Engine power 313 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Torque 1,730 Nm @ 1,080 rpm
Transmission Manual Transmission G 210-16/14.2-0.83
Gearshift, hydraulic
Front/Rear axles Front and rear spring suspension
Service brakes Dual-circuit full air brakes, Disc brakes on front and rear axles with ABS and ASR

Body specifications

Doors Passenger Door: manual hinged.
Driver Door: With sliding window
Passengers capacity 69 (3x2 seats configuration)
Fixed high seat back with side aisle arm rest, and 2 points seat belt for all seats.
Luggage space 14m3
A/C Air conditioning stream line SL800 konvekta , PTO powered
Options Cow Catcher
DVD with 2 LCD monitors