MCV 260 C

Designed to lead, built to last.


General information

The C model completes the MCV 260 family. This bus redefines functional, and transports it effortlessly into 21st century.

It manages to incorporate the seemingly contradictory virtues of a modest sized exterior, and an interior wich provides ample space for a surprisingly large number of passengers.

Equally at home in all manner of terrain and conditions, its natural habitat is the beating heart of the city.
Here, amidst every conceivable kind of motor vehicle, and where streets teem with people 24 hours a day, is where the MCV 260C is most at home. A champion of the confined space, where parking is, at best, limited, its ability to manoeuvre like a car has endeared it to drivers all over the world. A powerful engine delivers the kind of acceleration the allows the bus to leapfrog traffic, and cope width the everyday hurly-burly of a busy metropolis. As a trail blazer of the highways and byways of the city life, the MCV 260C has no equals.

The 2-door configuration provides easy, efficient access and exit, as does the ergonomic seating layout. All of the exemplary functionality has not been allowed to compromise creature comforts or, especially, safety.

And neither have we forgotten the operators. The MVC 260C is extremely economical to run - its frugal engine see to this. Easy access to all vital components ensures quick turnarounds in the service bay, and low maintenance upholstery cuts down on cleaning time; generally speaking, down time has been kept to an enviable minimum.