Technical information

Chassis Specification

Chassis model Mercedes-Benz OH 1526/59
Engine MB OM 906 LA. III/24
6 cylinder,vertical in line, turbo charged
Position Rear
Displacement 6374 cc
Engine power 260 hp @ 2200 rpm
Torque 950 Nm @ 1200-1600 rpm
Transmission Manual Transmission MB
G 85-6/6.7-0.73
Front/Rear axles Parabolic leaf springs, double-acting telescopic absorbers
Service brakes Dual circuit, full air system
Additional brake Exhaust brake/ top brake (with mechanical gearbox)
Parking brake Spring loaded rear with brake chambers with air release

Body specifications

Doors Two doors (front and rear), Folded electro-pneumatic
Passengers capacity 51 seats.
Luggage space 5m3
A/C Optional
Options Air conditioning stream line SL800 konvekta
2 Luxurious parcel racks (shelves) for handbags
air vents and reading lamp for each passanger
DVD+ monitors