Our commitment to quality.

The promise of full transparency.

The Mercedes-Benz workshop is committed to full transparency of operations carried out on your vehicle.

The estimate of repair : an estimate of the amount of work is established upon request.
Information about the intervention : You know what is being repaired, why we do it and at what price.
Information on additional work : your After-Sales Advisor notifies you and asks your permission if additional work is required.
The warranty on the repair : all repairs charged to the customer are guaranteed for 2 years.
The quality control : after each intervention, our team checks the quality of work and compliance with customer requirements.
Information on bills : After-sales advisor is available to comment on your invoice and give you the explanation you want.
Conservation of spare parts : your replaced parts are returned, with the exception of parts under warranty.In addition, any work is carried out carefully and in accordance with strict guidelines provided by the repair manuals Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, we pledge to use only original parts Mercedes-Benz meets the highest requirements and corresponding perfectly to your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Training.

Only a staff workshop remarkably well trained and with complete information on automotive technology from Mercedes-Benz can do quality work.

It is especially important that our staff are always aware of new technologies. To provide maintenance work and correct diagnosis, appropriate test equipment and a current workshop documentation are essential. Thus, our courses offer lots of offers for education and training, providing basic knowledge as well as specific.