Présentation générale

The model that wears many hats

Whether for the school run, intercity travel, hotel or airport shuttle, whisking staff around widely spread industrial complexes -or between dispersed plants- the MCV 260R is the most versatile small bus on the market. And the most practical.

An automatic door, low access steps and step lights are all ergonomically designed for efficient transfer. A low floor luggage compartment makes loading and unloading easier and quicker.

All travel within the comfort zone

This sensible practicality does not come at the expense of comfort, however interior comfort was a priority of the designers from start. For people constantly on the move it should be a right, not a privilege. Ample leg room, and spaciousness come as standard; comfortable seats come as no surprise; and all serve to make long journeys seem like short hops.

The perfect partner for you business

Employinf the MCV 260R may well prove to be one of the best long - term investments you will ever make for your business. This adaptable and willing workhose is reliable and economical. Tith the backing of MCV's extensive support systems, it will provide unflagging service, day in, day out.

The new school ruler

On the school run, the MCV 260R is in a class of its own. The design requirement was simple-make the trip as enjoyable for kids as possible.

Functional, comfortable, bright, cheerful, the MCV 260R is a object lesson in how to get your sums right.
And it is very, very safe. This vital aspect is assited by the driver having such goodexterior and interior views of his vehicle, wich enables him to keep and eye on the kids.