S-Class Saloon

The essence of luxury.


General information

The All-New 2014 S-Class Sedan

A union of style and athleticism.
The contours of the new S-Class combine uncompromising design with nimble elegance. The lines of the new S-Class imply power and dynamism, even when it’s parked. And the features of the new S-Class, such as a three-dimensional radiator grille, innovative headlights and bi-colour tail lights with cutting-edge LED technology, are consistent with a high-tech tour de force and help cement the S-Class’ position atop any list of the world's leading luxury sedans.

At a standstill, the new S-Class still gives the impression that it’s about to burst into a sprint at any second. Its redesigned face is distinguished by a new radiator grille, which has four louvres, a striking hood and the clear contours of the LED High Performance headlamps.

The interplay of convex and concave surfaces gives the S-Class a sporty dynamism. And its new back end, exhibiting refined horizontal lines, provides a fitting conclusion to the S-Class that is both athletic and elegant. Not to mention, wide enough to provide impressive feel to the vehicle. Also, the new three-strip LED bi-colour taillights appear to stand proud of the trunk lid, providing a unique look in the dark.

An unsurpassed ambience of well-being.
The essence of the spacious interior in the new S-Class is all about feeling good, relaxed and able to concentrate on the road. With a harmonious blend of materials, colour schemes and finishes, the choice interior of the S-Class presents itself as a single, beautifully-moulded unit. And its unmistakable craftsmanship catches and captivates the eye.

One of the most prominent features in this regard is the wood trim, which spans the entire interior of the S-Class. In conjunction with the modernistic design, it conveys a feeling of expanse and peace. Moreover, high-quality controls forged from aluminum and honed with a metallic or pearl-effect finish are unmistakable signs of Mercedes-Benz quality.

The warm, white interior lighting and ambient lighting (with a choice of seven colour moods) of the new S-Class exude a feeling of pure comfort. The lighting units are positioned stylishly and discreetly throughout the interior – and thoroughly illuminate typically dark areas such as door handle recesses and the front passenger footwell. Additionally, the innovative display unit in the driver's area, also appropriately lit, which contains the instrument cluster and head unit, consists of two large 31.2 centimetre TFT displays.

Every interaction with this unique luxury sedan is an experience. Whether for travel, work or play, you can savour your trip in peace and arrive safely – no other car can offer more than the S-Class, the benchmark of all luxury sedans.

Work or relax - both are possible in the back of the new S-Class. Unique systems ensure that passengers can travel in uncompromising comfort. The vehicle glides like a flying carpet along the roads, and the individually scented space fills passengers with a sense of perfect well-being. The interior of the new S-Class is the executive floor on your guided tour.

Innovative assistance systems for a stress-free and safe daily routine.
At Mercedes-Benz, one of our guiding principles is to ensure our drivers and passengers arrive at their destination feeling relaxed and refreshed. In order to achieve this, we’ve created innovative assistance systems in the new S-Class to help negotiate the challenges of everyday driving. These systems can increase the safety, while decreasing the stress, of routine situations like driving in the dark, changing lanes, driving on the highway or even in a traffic jam.

All you need for great entertainment and accurate navigation.

The new S-Class also sets the standard in high-tech areas such as entertainment and multimedia. State of the art sound and entertainment systems and navigation features with a high-resolution display provide an emotional experience and unbridled driving pleasure, all while keeping your destination in sight.